Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Market Notes + Link Love

The loose ends are all tied up and we're about to put Scout Handmade + Vintage Market fondly behind us before moving onto our next batch of plans and goals. But many of our amazing vendors are still reaping the benefits of our busy weekend and we’ve had many an email in our inbox over the last couple of weeks from excited customers looking for more info about our sellers. Tamara and Cynthia of Delish Magazine worked hard to put together some truly inspiration interviews with many of our vendors and it was so fantastic to read through them as we prepared for Scout, hearing their creative stories and how they balance life with work, behind the scenes. If you didn't get a chance to read them in the weeks leading up to our event,  pour yourself a coffee (or two) and take some time to learn more about some of the talented ladies who joined us at Scout (in order of feature) over at Delish Magazine. Thanks again to Tamara & Cynthia for all of the time they put into these interviews and for joining us at Scout with their new venture Delish General Store…there are some great handmade goodies and supplies to be had over there!

Along with Sharalee Prang who took hundreds (literally!) of stunning photos of each of our vendors (you can see them here, here and here), we were lucky to have a number of talented photographers in our midst. Here are a few more of our favourite Scout photos as well as links to just a few of the many blog posts that popped up after our weekend. If you'd like us to include yours, just leave the link in the comments below and we'd love to post it!

Also, if you had your photo taken at Jayme Lang's photo booth by the front entrance, be sure to check out  this cute gallery and copy your photo from the bunch. Thanks again for joining us at Scout Handmade + Vintage Market! Until we meet again...

Rachel + Lily
Birch + Bird Vintage Home Interiors

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